Martyrdom day shaheed S. Udham Singh

31 july 2017 will be observed as holiday on account of Martyrdom day shaheed S. Udham Singh.

On 01 aug 2017 Beas house will deliver lecture in english high lighting the life and sacrifice of S. Udham Singh.

Ravi house will deliver lecture in hindi high lighting the freedom strugle of S. Udham Singh

Inter house speech competition- junior section

Inter house speech competition for classes first, second and third was held today.

Heartiest congratulations to following winners

            First Class

1st Position (Beas House)

1) Sukhmanpreet Kaur daughter of Gurbhej Singh Village Sarhali Class- First (B)

2nd Position (Satluj House)

2) Veerpal Kaur daughter of Sukhwant Singh Village Rode Jalle wala Class-First (A)

        Second Class  

1st Position (Satluj House)

Sukhmanpreet Kaur daughter of Sukhwant Singh Village Rode Jalle Wala  Class-2nd (A)

 2nd Position (Ravi House)

Jupneet Kaur daughter of Jugraj Singh Village Gatta Badshah Class-2nd (B)

Third Class 

1st Position (Ravi House)

Sharanjit Kaur daughter of Nachhattar Singh Village Gatta Badshah Class-3rd (A)

2nd Position (Sutluj House)

Paraspreet Kaur daughter of Gurbhej singh Village Sarhali Class 3rd (A)

2nd Position(Ravi House)                                                                                                                  Jaskaran Kaur daughter of Sukhwinder Singh Village Keeme Wali  Class-3rd (B)



Lecture on importance of religion and truthfulness in the life of students

We are grateful to Shri Rattan Singh Moga who visited our school on 28 July 2017 and gave a very informative and effective talk on importance of truthfulnes, effective listening, concentration, good habits and time management. He presented book gifts to the students who excelled in the field of education. He also presented books for the school library.

On behalf of students, Teachers and management, we are thank full for their efforts

Home Work 27 July 2017

English                      L-5 Reading going on

Math                           Exercise 8.4 sum solve and revision

Hindi                          Poem-3 short Q/A learn

Punjabi                      Grammar L-1 Q/A Learn

Social Study              State and capital of India learn

Science                       L-6 Q/ANS learn

Home Work For 26 July 2017

English                       L-5 The Dying Detective Book Reading

Math                           Exercise 8.4 Sum Solve

Hindi                          Poem-3 Q/Ans Learn

Punjabi                      Monthly Test Learn

Social Studies           Geography L-3 Q/Ans Write

Science                       Page No 16 Q/Ans Learn

home work for 22 July 2017

English                   Secret of happiness 6-10 very short and long…

Math                       Ex. 8.3  3-4

Hindi                      Poem-1 very short Q/Ans + Long 1 (W+L)

Punjabi                  Noval L-1, 2 Full Learn

Social Studies       L-3 Geography Reading Going On


English                              Poem A Character of a Happy Man Q/Ans Learn

Math                                  Ex 8.3 Sum Solve

Hindi                                 L-18 Q/Ans Long Learn

Punjabi                             L- Samundru paar Q/Ans Write

Social Studies                  Eco L-3 Q/Ans Find Out

Science                             L-10 Q/Ans Learn

home work 18/07/2017

English  (the war of Tracy lesson 1-10 very short lesson)

Math  (ex 4.1 Copy Complete)

Hindi ( L-18 Very Short First Two Short Q/A lesson)

Punjabi (Vangi Story Number 4 Q/A Write)

S Studies ( Economies 1-20 Ans Write)

Science ( Uses of Concave & convex  Mirror Q/A Learn)