Celebration’s of 70th Republic Day

70th Republic Day was celebrated in the school with lot of Respect, Enthusiasm and Spirit. The function commenced with Ardas followed by Flag Hosting Ceremony. National Flag was hoisted by Colonel Kashmir Singh Dhillon. This ceremony was conducted as per National Orders/Instructions on National Flag Hosting. It was areal Show by students and teachers on a bright sunny day wearing dress and giving an impression of true national Spirit.

Young students Presented National Song along with dance and solo Presentation which brought a real Spirit amongst all Present. Another Patriotic Song by Senior Girls touched heart of every one.

A Motivational lecture/speech by Colonel Kashmir Singh Dhillon asking students to work hard and become discipline citizen and also preserve Environment, water and other precious natural resources was received by students with attention. An example of citizens of Isreal was given as to how that small nation made an Impact on the world only with two Qualities i.e Good Education and Disciplined Life.

In the end, on behalf of Management committee Colonel Kashmir Singh Dhillon conveyed good wishes and Good Luck to all Members of this Great Institution.

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