Commencement of New Session with Blessings of Almighty

We have great faith in almighty god and always take his blessings before beginning any work. Our new session 2019-20 also commenced with taking blessings of Almighty god.

On this auspicious day, We recited Sri Sukhmani Sahib Path and there after Ardas was performed by Baba Shinder Singh Ji head Sewadar of Gurudwara Shahida Fatehgarh Sabhra(The famous place where Sham Singh Attari forth Pitched battle with Britishers).

Baba Singhder singh ji spoke about tolerance, Calm and composed mind and always respect elders and become useful member of society.

Colonel Kashmir Singh Dhillon Administrator also addressed the students and stressed about honesty and hard work in studies and all walks of life.

In the end the function was concluded by distributing prices and certificates to various winners in competitions.

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