Conduct of yoga at School on International Yoga Day.

As per directions of DEO Ferozepur, DC Ferozepur and CBSE Board New Delhi Regular Classes of Yoga have commenced on 21-june-2019 (International Yoga Day).

Our Physical Education Teacher was given special Training in yoga and he is taking yoga classes for students and staff.

We hope that this initiative of District Education Officer and Other officials will go a long way in making TANDRUST PUNJAB

Teacher Seminar on Life Skills, Student Teacher Relationship And Role of Schools in Making punjab Tandrust

Seminar of all teachers and allied staff was conducted at Kingbourne International Training School on 03/07/2019. The Following topics were covered:-
1.   Student Teacher Relationship in today’s Environment.
2.   Role of Schools in Tandrust Punjab.
3.   Life Skills.

The Seminar was addressed Colonel Kashmir Singh Dhillon and Trainers from the school. The Teachers and Staff conveyed that they are better equipped to handle students in a better and effective manner.