Seminar on Motivation by Mr. Amit Chauhan

A Seminar on Motivation was held in the school on 23/07/2019. Mr. Amit Chauhan of Ratna Sagar education house was the resource person. He brought out the importance of motivation for a teacher for better learning/teaching process. The Students observe the teacher, his dress, his way of walking and talking, his interaction with his colleagues and students throughout. It is therefor very important a teacher to remain formal while in school and otherwise during interaction with parents and students.

It was also brought out that personality development is a continuous Process and one must strive to improve through out.

HUB of Learning Meeting

HUB of Learning meeting was held at Ferozepur (D.C. Model School) on 20/july/2019. Vice Principal attended the meeting and as per him the meeting was held in a very cordial atmosphere. Our Activities such as Induction of New Students after entrance test, Declaration of School as Plastic Free Zone and Contribution of School towards environment protection were appreciated.

We are thank full to principal D.C Model School for giving us an opportunity to interact with other schools and learn good practices being followed by them.