Celebrating teacher’s Day in School

Teacher’s Day was celebrating in the school on 05/Sept/2019 with great enthusiasm. Lectures by students and teachers were organised on role of teachers, responsibilities of students, their inter personal relations and challenges in coming years were organised. Principal and Members of Management emphasized to students and teachers to keep themselves updated in terms of technology and knowledge.

Drive on Traffic Awareness by ASI Baldev Singh of Police Station Makhu

As an initiative towards making students aware of road safety, road etiquette and road discipline a talk was organised by traffic wing of Police station Makhu. The talk was delivered by ASI Baldev Singh. Rising trend of road accidents and the causes were discussed. It was also emphasized that large number of accidents happen due to human error, Lack of awareness and skills.

This was good initiative by the administration and we thank SSP Ferozepur, DSP Zira and SHO Makhu for their Initiative

Awareness About Environment and Management of Water

A team of Environment conservators and Experts in testing and management of water visited the school on 26/Aug/2019. They educated the students about depleting natural resources and role of students, parents and society to conserve and maintain these resources. The talk was well received and one could see change in behavior of students and staff to wards environment.

They also educated students about various components of Potable water and how to check them various ingredients. They also tested school water point and found it fit for drinking.