Speech Competition English.

A Speech Competition for Class 10 was held and the topic was Relevance of Teachings of Guru Nanak dev Ji in eradication of Evils in the society. The Speakers spoke about teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s for all sects of Society. Guru Nanak Dev ji considered all people equal irrespective of Cast, colour or religion. There is an urgent need of all of us to understand this concept and follow it religiously.

Celebrations of Children Day.

55th Children day was celebrated in the school. The function commenced with teachers and students highlighting the importance of this day and its applicability in today’s environment.

Junior student’s represented the teachings of Jawahar Lal Nehru through choreography.

The principal highlighted the importance of Children in any society or nation. If children are healthy, well educated and well mannered, The nation will progress all around.