In view of directions from Government of Punjab the school will remain closed till 31 March 2020 or as per new directions issued by the Government of Punjab.

Awareness about corona virus and Ardaas for well being of environment

Today, we sought blessings of almighty God to protect us, our institution, area, state, country and world from this deadly corona-virus. students and staff were made aware of precautions to be taken at individual, family and collective gathering level. This information was well received by students and staff. It was also requested to all present that this information be shared with the environment




A committee comprising of parents, teachers and members of management carried out selection of books (during the display for the academic session 2020-21)  and presentation made by various publication houses in the month of DEC 2019.

       A list of selected books for various classes for the Academic session 2020-21 is attached. Parents are advised to purchase books from shops of their choice/convenience and send their ward with selected books to the School from 16 March 2020                                               .books list