School opening of middle section

Consequent to receipt of directions from government of Punjab, the school for lower classes from 5th to 8th will open from 7 January 2021. the timings will be as per govt. directions.
Parents and students are requested to follow guidelines issued by local administration, health department and govt. of Punjab. few important precautions are listed below:
1. Use mask.
2.Maintain social distance.
3. In case of cough/Fever, Please seek medical assistance and do not come to the school.
4. Sanitize hands frequently.
5. Do not share your water bottle and food with others.
6. In case of any problem, contact class teacher/ vice- Principal/Principal/Clerk/Administrator.

Affiliation extention

Environment will be happy to learn that CBSE board has very kindly extended our affiliation up to 2025. this was all due to hard work of staff specially co-ordinator Gurlal Singh, Cooperate of parents and local residents, students and members of management committee and blessings of Baba Shinder Singh ji.

E-Learning and interaction with teachers

  1. Due to continuation of lock down and uncertainty of opening of educational institutions, students are advised to contact their class/subject teachers as per scheduled timings.
  2. Due to overload of sub groups, the teachers are taking extra pains to be available to students till 5:00 P.M. Students are advised to make best use of this opportunity.
  3. In case parents/students have any suggestion, the same can be brought to the notice of Principal, Management or the class teacher. The feasibility of its implementation will be considered.
  4. we are also planning to send group of teachers to villages (Maintaining Lock down guidelines) to be available for any clarification in person. The schedule will be shared once the same is approved and its feasibility explored

Till then stay safe and abide by all protocols issued by health department

Guidelines during lockdown wef 01 June

In view of extension of lock-down further from 01 June onwards, the permission to open educational institutions have not yet been granted. As per appreciation of present situation, the schools may open with restrictions from 01 July onwards. All students are advised to continue online studies till such time the schools are open. Subject teachers are available on telephone to clarify anything concerning the subject. Parents are also requested to provide congenial environment and motivation to children.

Thank you

Extension of online study process till 31 May 2020

In continuation of earlier guidelines for online studies during lock down, the date has now been extended till 31 May 2020 by Govt. We will continue to impart instructions as being done earlier. In addition school staff will be available in reduced strength and a daily teacher will be available to answer any queries from 9.00 AM till 3.00 PM on school website.You can also send/share your problems on school E-Mail. School principal and vice principal will be available to guide you on their respective telephone between school timing.

Advisery during lockdown period

All staff members, students and other stake holders are here by requested to follow guidelines issued by local administration, health department and police. As per govt. directions, school is closed upto 10th May 2020 for summer vacations.

After summer vacations, due to prevailing coronavirus epedemic, school are not likely to open and therefore the study will be based on IT. All students are advised to contact Principal phone no. 8427352009 and clerk Phone no. 9814729175 for detailed instructions. Teachers have been given time slot and during that time teacher will be available on telephone to answer any queries. Till such time conditions become normal or with restrictions permission is granted by the administration, the study will be through computer/mobile phones.

Parents are also advised to speak to the class teacher minimum once in a week.

Availability of books

In view of certain parents facing difficulties in procurement of books and stationery, the book seller has been requested to visit school with adequate sets for all classes in the near future depending upon permission from local administration.

As an when the book seller intimates the schedule, all will be informed accordingly.